About Forest Schools

Made famous by Scandinavian education systems, the forest school concept has been defined in Britain as 'an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment.' We can help your school create that woodland environment.

We provide forest school resources and natural wooden play equipment sourced from our tree surgery work. This allows us to continuously be on the lookout for useful timber and lets us pick and choose selected pieces fit for purpose. Our characterful creations such as rustic seating, bug hotels and wood beast log houses are made from fresh green wood and can therefore be made bespoke to order upon demand no matter the size (within reason!)

Sometimes the space required for a woodland environment can be difficult to gain access to, especially in urban schools where perhaps nearby woodland is more scarce and playgrounds areas are limited in size. With this in mind we aim to get the maximum resources into the minimum space. Even a 6ftx6ft corner or less can be used to create a mini forest classroom offering a plethora of nature learning and wildlife benefits! See an example of our mini classroom below!

For those schools where outdoor space is not available (or the weather is terrible) you will be pleased to know that many of our creations and even a complete forest classroom can be adapted for indoor use. Nature and the elements will eventually take their toll on any outdoor play area but kept indoors, our green hardwood resources will dry and be preserved for generations! We can make most of our range scaled down for indoor use with hollow log wood beasts (see below) and rustic tables and chairs made so they can be enjoyed from the comfort of the classroom.



Bug Hotel

A natural wood pile is a more traditional version of a bug hotel with space for other critters such as newts, toads and even hedgehogs! As the wood rots over time it becomes even more valuable as dead/decaying wood is what many mini beasts need and yet its becoming a rare habitat in our parks and gardens.

5 star bug hotel deluxe: Hollowed log hotel stuffed with log chip layers from different species ,as well as hollows and cavities for critters to live. Pyrography inscribed minibeasts can be included for an additional fee.


A good fire is like a caveman's tv! Having a fire is satisfying and mesmerising on a primeval level. We can dig you an earth or sand fire pit with stone or fire-resistant Poplar wood surrounds.


One of our favorite creations! We hollow a log to whatever size you require, be it for indoor or outdoor use, and fill it full of holes where kids can reach and peer in. Large woodbeasts are even better as kids can crawl inside to explore inside a tree! We can add resources using secret pockets and pyrography upon request for an additional fee.

Classroom wood beast

Same as above but usually on a smaller scale to fit indoors and can be movable if needed. These will retain their colour and condition better than the outdoor woodbeasts as they are protected from the elements.

Woodchip play areas

Our tree surgery operations create high quality hardwood chippings on a regular basis. These chippings are great for paths, edgings and as a natural play surface. A typical log bordered play area measuring 2.5m2 approx can be made to whatever shape you require.

Benches and seats

We cut logs in half leaving an attractive wavy finish, or a traditionally milled straight bench if you prefer.

We also carve logs into rustic seats and stools for children to play at.

Building blocks

Small sets, big sets or lengths of log lengths and discs which children can use to build towers and structures. Cut to order any quantity upon request. Batch one two or 3 offer 15, 30 or 45 pieces.

Log planters

Partially hollowed out logs make great planters and troughs for flowers, herbs and spices.

Pyrography learning blocks

Pull out discs of bark from beautiful hardwood boards to reveal pyrography inscribed mini beasts or whatever inscriptions you require beneath.

Log disc stepping stones

These will split up over time as they dry out but make for great fun in the mean time as kids can step over them whilst counting the rings and discs